2. april 2008

There's two types of available

Swift solution to a problem. This could easily be transferred to any everyday situation, however not that dramatic probably. Reminds me of the person who called the switchboard where I used to work, and asked to speak with the fire department (you know, operating a gas refinery comes with your personal fire department) after which the switchboard operator tried to put him through to the right people. After a few seconds, the call was returned to the switchboard where the switchboard operator kindly replied «sorry, I can't reach them now. They are probably having a practice somewhere on the field». They guy in the other end was quiet for a few seconds before, still calmly, said that «oh, well then.. you see, there's a grass fire right up in the hills here so I thought that they might could help out if they were available». Funny story, although opposite of the one you can read below.